Writing Fantasy

Wars rage

In fire and death

An empire falls

Giving its last breath


An empire rises

From the ashes

By will of divinity or chance of fate

Hardened by a hundred lashes


Vampires walk the night

Creatures of power and darkness

Always just out of sight

Waiting for that single moment of weakness


A werewolf howls

Beneath the full moon

Straight from hell’s bowels

A demon creature of rage and hate


A unicorn runs

Across the meadow

Mane and tail raised high

A white banner beneath a stormy sky


Worlds are molded

Changed and rearranged

Destroyed, tested, and rebuilt

All within a single mind


About jessicanix

I am a college student that loves everything about the written word. Stories and poetry are my mediums of choice and, with a little luck, I can show you why. Come visit me at Shadowed in Moonlight.

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  1. Renard Moreau

    [ Smiles ] This is rather nice!

  2. Awesome and inspiring!

  3. wonderful fantasy… always a particular favourite of mine.. Feeding my dreams with visions and Worlds are moulded indeed.. [smiles too] xxx

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