Flight and feather

Soaring high into the ether

On gilded wings

The messenger soars

Bringing truth and justice

Forever more


Flames and smoke

The harsh words spoke

And down, down

Falls the gilded wings

To be replaced with dark

Bat-like things


Once there was truth

Is now all but lies

And justice

Little more than vengeance disguised

Peace and prosperity

Once held so dear

Now falls by the wayside

So terror fills our ears


                The gym I go to do yoga has a row of TV’s in front of the treadmills, since I always take a brisk thirty minute walk to warm up my blood I end up watching the TV’s. Which, almost invariably, reminds me why I am glad we don’t have anything but Netflix and ITunes. What happened in Boston was terrible, and it is important for the news to cover it, but I feel that once the damage is done and the perpetrators caught, as they have been, the city should be left alone to grieve. I’m not saying the news should go silent on the matter, but everywhere I looked that’s all that was showing. It doesn’t seem right to go around pestering students, family members, and pulling in experts to try and figure out who these men were and why they did what they did. These are important questions and if/when the police and officials want to make a statement on the matter it should definitely be announced. But it seems like the media is just milking it at this point. I’m quite certain there are other things going on in the world, let the grieving and injured people of Boston rest and start moving past the horror of the last week instead of fixating and dwelling on it.

                When I was a kid I loved watching Animal Planet, Discovery, and the History channels. I grew up in the generation of Steve Irwin and Jeff Corwin and I loved it. There are some really good documentaries that have come out in recent years (mostly the nature docs by BBC) and a few good series, but for the most part TV has gone way downhill. “Swamp People” really? I was watching the commercials for it today, is watching people wrangle and shoot alligators really what we consider entertaining these days? The History Channel has gotten pretty bad, but Animal Planet is the worst for me. It ranges from the pointless “Too Cute” (I think that’s what it’s called) to the bizarre, they have a reality show about taxidermists now, to the detrimental shows where animals attack people. When I was young Animal Planet nurtured a love and respect for nature and its creatures, now it’s sold out to the cheap thrills of violence and mindlessness. It’s heartbreaking to me to think that today’s generation doesn’t even have the option of watching the kind of educational shows that I grew up on. 


About jessicanix

I am a college student that loves everything about the written word. Stories and poetry are my mediums of choice and, with a little luck, I can show you why. Come visit me at Shadowed in Moonlight.

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