Bone Spur

So I mentioned, very briefly and a while ago, in my post Burn Out that I have a lovely bone spur growing on the tip of my shoulder blade. Well, for whatever reason the accursed thing is growing at a rate I didn’t know bone could grow at. I first noticed the spur, without realizing what it was in high school, when I was about fifteen or sixteen. At the time it was just a small tingle I would get, there and gone in a moment, and barely noticeable. Somewhat annoying perhaps, but nothing to be concerned about. Unfortunately in the last six months things have changed. First it was just that the tingling sensation came more frequently, then the area of tingling grew until it was the size of a spread open hand above the shoulder blade. A bit concerning, but when I realized I could manage it with yoga I wasn’t too worried. Yesterday I opened at work and things changed yet again, I haven’t been able to go to yoga in some time (I’m going tomorrow come hell or high water), and tingling transformed into outright pain. A deep ache that ranks about a five or six (on a scale of ten), and that was less than pleasant. It’s not all that bad, I’ve certainly had worse, but it isn’t fun and more importantly it seems to suggest that it’s beginning to do serious damage to the muscles in my back. There’s also a strong likelihood that it’s beginning to damage a nerve back there, thus the tingling. I’m also getting some serious swelling going on. I went to work again today, fully expecting it to be a most unpleasant experience. Which it was, but it was both worse and better than yesterday. On one hand the pain spiked to a seven and stayed there most of the night, on the other seven is evidently where my body draws the line and sends out the endorphins in full force, allowing me to stay in a functional fuzziness where the pain, while still unpleasant, was distant.

It’s looking like I’m going to have to get surgery to have the bloody thing removed. I’ll know more on Tuesday, when I see the doc and will likely get an x-ray. I have no fondness and even less trust for Western medicine. It has not been kind to me or mine in the past. So it is not an admission I’m comfortable with, but I know of no alternatives for dealing with this.


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  1. Oh dear, if surgery, hope it is a simple and safe procedure.

    • Thank you, it should be, so long as I don’t do anything foolish and severe the muscle or the nerve between now and then. And since we are working on moving, it’s definite possibility.

  2. Hi Jess I have both a sister and a friend who have had the same problem, both have had the op and though initially painful it has been successful that’s all I can say but I would give it a go!! xxxxx

    • Thanks, Willow. I know it’s a fairly simple and common problem and it runs strong in my family, so it’s not terribly unexpected. I still don’t have to like it though… 😉

  3. I echo Eric’s comment, my thoughts are with you, and for a swift recovery… hugs to you at this painful and worrying time.. xPenx

  4. As I was reading this I was SO hoping that you were going to say you’d get surgery.. and you did so all is good. I HATE surgery too and I get what you’re saying about Western medicine. Sometimes it’s necessary though. I just can’t figure out why you’d already, at your age, have a bone spur? That’s really unusual isn’t it? I’m sure glad you’re taking it seriously…

    I’ll be watching on Tuesday to see what you say about this. Thoughts and prayers are with you FOR SURE.

    • They run in my family, both sides in fact. I actually have four bone spurs total. Two on the tops of either foot, that are very visible, but don’t cause any problems as of yet. My mom has those as well, she had to get them removed,. Another on my sternum, which my aunt had and again had to be removed. Again it’s not causing me any problems yet. I was born with those three. And two people on my dad’s side has had this shoulder blade one. I don’t know when the other people in my family started to have issues with them though. It’s a good point though, I’ll have to ask around.

      Like Hope would let me do anything but take it seriously *rolls eyes*. When it escalated to actual pain she got all bossy on me. But she’s right and you’re right. Ignoring it will only lead to more extensive and unpleasant surgeries in the future. So I’ll be good and get rid of it as quickly as I am able.

      • Hope has this under control. Good! I’m especially glad to know she’s bossy. A woman after my own heart! lmao

        That’s so strange about your family all having bone spurs. I’d never heard of all this. Maybe one here and there when you’re older but not now! Take care of yourself, girly! I’d like to keep you around for awhile!

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