A Dark and Lonely Road

A dark and lonely road

Where it goes no one can know

Draped in shadows and silver moonlight

Not a single soul in sight


Venture forth traveler

Walk this dark path if you choose

But know you’ll never be the same hereafter


A dark and lonely road

An ominous sight to behold

Demons great and small

Gather to see you fall


Slavering, snarling creatures of darkness

Waiting for that first taste of blood

That moment of weakness


A dark and lonely road

Filled with mystery and devious code

Persevere into the night

And at the end you’ll find what’s right


           I took a moderately long drive under starlight and was inspired to write this. There are many paths through life some of dark and some of light, but each of value and insight. What type of path is yours?


About jessicanix

I am a college student that loves everything about the written word. Stories and poetry are my mediums of choice and, with a little luck, I can show you why. Come visit me at Shadowed in Moonlight.

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