Turn Away

Since the prompt for NaPoWriMo isn’t up yet (either they’re late or I’m earlier than usual, not sure which) I thought I would post a poem I wrote on impulse last night.


Broken people

Broken places

Cast off by the world’s disgraces


So much pain

So few words

Wanting to fly

As free as the birds


Never again to see the flesh

The forms or faces

But to begin afresh


Love long lost

Or never seen

Alone in a world

That’s not what it seems


One spirit walks

Yet seldom talks

And the world turns away.


This was inspired by something I read last night. Sometimes when I speak to people or read something they’ve written I’ll feel this spark, this wonderful potential and life within them. Then almost invariably as I continue to listen or read I begin to see that that spark is nearly smothered  by terrible cruelty. It’s not unlike what my poem Hope (https://shadowedinmoonlight.wordpress.com/2013/04/09/hope/) was all about. Only sometimes there is no neighbor willing to lend a spark. I’ve come to wonder if that spark only exists in people who have known pain. There seems to be a fine line between being pushed to very edge and being broken. The edge seems to be where the spark can be found, but its hard to be pushed that far without falling… I may expand on this in a post later tonight.


About jessicanix

I am a college student that loves everything about the written word. Stories and poetry are my mediums of choice and, with a little luck, I can show you why. Come visit me at Shadowed in Moonlight.

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  1. That is really interesting , I am almost compelled to return to the edge again and again.

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