Pissed off

                Hello, dear readers. Over the course of my blog’s young life you’ve seen a lot of different things from me. You’ve seen me happy, you’ve seen me sad. You’ve seen me joyful and inspired. You’ve even seen me contemplative and waxing philosophic. Lately you’ve most commonly seen me stressed out. But tonight you’re in for a real treat. Because tonight you get to see me genuinely and deeply pissed off, straight out spitting mad really and that’s quite a rare event.

                The origin of my anger resides from sociology class, but first let me throw some statistics out just for fun (these were given by sociology professor, and I’m accepting them on faith, if they’re wrong feel free to correct me, but chew my head off about it). These aren’t what pissed me off; they certainly didn’t help any, but their mostly just riding on my original anger. 1 out 4 girls, as in children, has been sexually assaulted in America, 1 out 6 boys, again children, has been sexually assaulted in America. That is a lot of children.

                Work with me here for a moment, I may have joined the Bloggers for Peace movement, but I am not a freaking hippy. I don’t believe in universal, nothing bad ever happens again to anyone, peace. I don’t believe in ending world hugger, I don’t think the world should be filled with rainbows and unicorns and fluffy puppies. There are supposed to be shadows in the world. How can we be complete and fulfilled as individuals if we do not encounter the full range of emotions available to us? How can we ever know what we are capable of if there is no hardship? The simple fact of the matter is that there are no heroes if there are no villains. So yes violence has its place, there should be shadows in the world, but 1 in 4 and 1 in 6 isn’t a shadow, that’s a fucking tar pit, a black abyss that should shame us all. What kind of nation are we if we can’t even protect our children? There are a lot of people in my country that go to third world countries and help out there, and I find that very admirable, but let’s face it we really need to clean up our own act before trying to take care of anyone else. The crime rates in this country are simply staggering, shocking, and deeply shameful.

                Now for what actually pissed me off, in class my professor gave us an in-class activity to do called the Drawbridge Exercise. Here’s a link: http://www.fctl.ucf.edu/events/gtaprograms/workbook/files/drawbridgeexercise.html. It’s a fairly straightforward, the Baroness is murdered on her way home from having an affair by a madman and is refused help by several people. The class was then asked to rank who was responsible for the Baroness’s death out of the characters in the story and then we were asked to do so again in groups of four. All the groups were then compared on the board.

        We were asked who was responsible. We were not asked whether her death was justified or not, we were not asked who was to blame, we were asked who was responsible. There are a lot of different facets to this scenario and a lot of things that can be discussed, but I am going to focus, as we did, on one particular element. When I ranked for the responsibility the Baroness was the fifth of the six characters (I absolved the Baron completely, because based on the information I was given, there was nothing to indicate he was involved in the Madman being there or that he was even aware of the situation), the Madman was first. Since he actually physically killed her, his being first in line in terms of responsibility seems simply logical. Apparently not. Every other group said the Baroness was first, and the Madman second. My group said she was second and I had to fight just get her knocked down that far.

       DO. NOT. BLAME. THE. VICTIM. Are there situations where people deserve what they get either for their stupidity or viciousness? Yes. I don’t believe this scenario is one of them, but either way it’s not relevant because we are talking about responsibility here, not guilt or justification. When you are talking about murder, responsibility for the death will always fall first and foremost to the murderer. We are not responsible for the actions of others, whether we are talking about rape or murder or what have you, we are each responsible for our own actions. The “they were asking for it” thing does not work for me. And from what I’ve seen in my peers and from what we talked about in class, we clearly live in a society where blaming the victim is the norm. Apparently we live in a society were violence is so common and thought so little of that we’d rather blame the victim for having the gall to complain about than the criminal that did the dead. That’s really pathetic.

        This is one of those days were I really felt like I was on the outside looking in. It’s unfathomable to me where this bizarre mentality has come from. As I was fighting and defending my position to my group one of my group mates would laugh disbelieving periodically, and looking at me like I must be slow or something to have these values. Strangely she did not offer to give more than a token defense for her views. It’s just sad. Guys, all my lovely readers, how on earth did we get to this point?


I’m going to watch the first episode of the new series Hannibal now. Hopefully watching Dr. Lecter turn rude people into fine cuisine will cheer me up, with luck the series will be as good as I’m hoping it will be.


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  1. This is really well written. I totally agree with your point. It’s not possible to “ask for it” enough to absolve an aggressor of their crime.

  2. Be at ease there are many that agree and/or share your values and point of view. We can all sigh and stare blankly confused at the other half of our society that doesn’t. I can only assume (and please forgive me if I am wrong) that you are a younger person and haven’t had this general malaise and lack of character that is rampant in our society thrown at you often enough to be unsurprised by its surfacing in your presence. That the perpetrators were fellow students can only mean that this condition continues to flourish and it is up to you and the rest of the sane humans to keep fighting the good fight against our most destructive enemy: THE OVERWHELMING LACK OF COMMON SENSE in our population. You give me hope that in my old age(not to far from now)that the next generation running our country will not all be beyond hope.

    As a side note your parents should be commended you were obviously raised right.

    • Thank you for your thoughtful reply. Yes I am younger, but this is far from the first time humanity has shocked me with their malaise (and thanks for a new word, had to look this one up). I work hard at maintaining my hope for people and to keep from becoming jaded. That gets dented sometimes, but its important to remember the amazing acts of kindness I’ve also seen in my life. And yeah I didn’t turn out too bad 😉

  3. Thinking a lot of people were blaming her for her affair because, in general, people still find it wrong to cheat on your spouse/significant other. If she hadn’t been cheating on her husband, she wouldn’t have been there for the Madman to kill. Just saying. I did enjoy this post, however.

    • I don’t want you to think that I am belittling you, just trying to see what the others in your class were thinking. I am going to reblog this in my other blog, societycommentator on wordpress. Because I do agree that we tend to blame the victims and children should not be abused in any form.

      • Not at all, you were perfectly respectful in my opinion. You’re doubly my first, my first dissenting opinion (of sorts) and my first reblog. So thank you I’m flattered and honored that you liked this enough to reblog it 😀

    • I understand that, and honestly if the Baron had been the one to kill her in this hypothetical I would have struggled more with assigning responsibility. Be he didn’t and there was no evidence in the story we were given to indicate that he had any direct involvement in what happened. In truth the fact my classmates had a different opinion than me didn’t bother me, what pissed me off was their unwillingness to discuss the issue and their inability to defend their viewpoint. They didn’t like her, so they blamed her for her own death. They didn’t like the Baron for the harsh way he spoke to her, so they blamed him a lot too. That’s not justice, it’s petty and it scares me that these people will be on a jury someday. Just because we don’t like someone doesn’t give us the right to condemn them. Reading your reblog of my post I think you understand what I meant here, but that you for bringing up another angle. I always enjoy looking at different points of view.

  4. societycommentator

    Reblogged this on annumland and commented:
    I tend to agree with jessicanix in this blog. I think we do tend to blame the victim as a society. A prostitute gets beat up because she was doing something illegal, rather than blaming the man who thinks it’s alright to hit other people. I also agree with her about the child abuse statistics. CHILDREN SHOULD NOT BE ABUSED!

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