Wonder of Life

Alright guys, this is actually a re-post, because apparently this didn’t actually show up on my blog, I could see it, but apparently no one else could. I wrote this last night.


I’ve been thinking about noir all day, trying to get the words to behave and put themselves in some order for a proper poem. They refused. I’m just not getting anything from today’s prompt. So it’s a free-write instead.


Colors sharp

And edges defined

Watching as the stars align


Whispers soft

And laughter loud

All the world ringing with sound


Flowers bloom

And trees sway

The wind carrying their scents away


Citrus burst

And apple sweet

So many flavors yet to meet


Rocks jagged

And silk smooth

Textures to scrape and soothe


So much to see and do

Sometimes jarring

Sometimes calming


But all a celebration

To the wonder that comes

From being alive


                Something to cheer me up and distract me from this nasty headache I’ve had all day long. I should have some real peace and quiet tomorrow, a chance to de-stress a bit. After the past week of insanity, anyone who wishes to disturb that prospect will be met with violence (yeah I know, I’m a blogger for peace these days, but I believe in balance. So yeah…).

                Anyway with all the nice time to myself, hopefully I’ll be super inspired tomorrow! Definitely something to look forward to. I hope all my lovely followers are have a nice stress-free day as well.


About jessicanix

I am a college student that loves everything about the written word. Stories and poetry are my mediums of choice and, with a little luck, I can show you why. Come visit me at Shadowed in Moonlight.

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  1. I hope you are feeling better, nothing addles your brain like pain!! be well , be better.xxxxxxxxx

  2. Hope you got the peace you deserve. Relax and enjoy loved the poem by the way

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