Today a soul has slipped away

Released from pain and suffering


She flies

Freed from her broken body

And into the arms of her lost love


Together they dance

Into another realm

A place of peace and rest

Until life calls them anew


The living are left

To celebrate a life well lived

And the end of the screams and the blood


Let their rest be full of bliss

And may they be reborn together again


                My packmate Hope’s grandmother died this morning. I knew her vicariously, through the tales Hope brought back to me, and I know I would have liked her if I had gotten the chance to meet her. Apparently, we have a similar taste in books. I grieve for a missed opportunity to meet a special soul and I grieve because my packmate grieves. She meant a lot to Hope, but her death has come as a relief. The last couple of weeks have not been kind. Grandmother’s husband passed away less than a year ago, and Hope says they were true soul mates. They’re together again now. So it’s a bittersweet type of grief, they both lived full lives and deserve the rest they’re getting now.

                As you may have noticed from the poem, I am a believer of reincarnation. I know the post popular after death theory is the concept of heaven and hell, but that’s never worked for me. The idea that someone can be eternally damned, and damned so easily (depending on the particular religion) for the events of a single lifetime doesn’t sit well with me. The concept of heaven is just as bad for me. It sounds incredibly boring, a place where nothing bad ever happens. What would you do? You can only do whatever you want for so long before it becomes repetitive. Such a black and white system doesn’t really work for me either. Bad isn’t always evil and good isn’t always perfect, sometimes bad things turn out to be good things, and vice versa. Living in a realm based purely on one or the other seems terribly unbalanced. I’m not bashing it; I’m just saying it doesn’t work for me.

                The other extreme, where we all turn to dust and nothingness when we die makes sense to the cynic in me, but I don’t let the cynic in me make decisions about my spirituality or my life in general. Reincarnation just makes the most sense for me. I think each life has a purpose (insert fate, destiny, or any term you care to imply) exactly how I believe all that to work is complicated and not the point of tonight’s post, and that we learn and grow each time. I think there’s a place we rest in between lives, and that place may be heavenly or limbo-like, but I think we always move on eventually. There’s always something more to learn.

                That is what I hope for Hope’s grandmother, that she and her mate have a good rest in the in-between and another long, happy life together for the next go-round. If it’s not perfectly obvious, this post is dedicated to Hope’s grandmother and all of those she left behind.


About jessicanix

I am a college student that loves everything about the written word. Stories and poetry are my mediums of choice and, with a little luck, I can show you why. Come visit me at Shadowed in Moonlight.

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  1. Truly a beautiful sentiment, and a real gift to your friend and her family. I hope there is an after life . Whether or not I want to endure another life I am not sure! Lovely. xx

    • I’ve known a few people who weren’t certain they would want to have another go, but I’ve always figured that if you learn whatever lesson you were meant to in this life and lived honorably and well, whatever higher power would make the next life easier. I’m not saying that each life gets progressively easier as we go, just that I think after an especially hard one, there is a reprieve.

  2. Your poem expresses some of my own feelings about death, expresses them beautifully, though I don’t think reincarnation is any more likely than heaven and hell. We came from the universe and will return to it; I think of it as stardust to stardust. But I hope — with all my heart — that we, our spirits, souls, somehow meet and know those we loved and lost.

    • Stardust to stardust, I like that. Reincarnation speaks to me, I can’t really explain why (actually I can, but that is something that would likely deserve a post all its own), but I can respect this view as well. There’s definitely a poetry to it that I can appreciate. Thanks for stopping by Marie, be sure to visit again soon 🙂

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